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  • Telemedicine Technology by: Medical City Online, UK

About Us

Doctors247 Online, powered by Medical City Online, UK
Doctors247 Online, powered by Medical City Online, UK

Doctors 247 Online is a Telemedicine portal designed by Dr Suhail Chughtai, a London based Orthopaedic Surgeon.  He is the Chairman Medical City Online, a UK based Telehealth Consulting and Software company which aims to "Connect Medical Professionals to the Future of Healthcare through it's innovative software solutions and strategies".  Citrus Health Private Limited is it's partner heatlhcare company for business operations in Pakistan.


Dr Chughtai has designed over 25 International Telehealth projects over the last 10 years.  This project, "Doctors247 Online" Telemedicine website is designed with a purpose to limit people movement during Covid-19 epidemic, so hospitals and clinics are not flocked. 


Being an experienced Orthopaedic Surgeon, Microsoft Certified Specialist & Telehealth Consultant with Masters in Telemedicine (ongoing), Dr Chughtai has over 20 years of Clinical and Medical IT experience in UK, USA, UAE, Saudi Arabia & Pakistan.  His other significant roles are as follows:


  1. Lead Faculty of Dept of Health Informatics, Telehealth & Artificial Intelligence Univ of Health Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan 
  2. Director of Digital Health and Telemedicine unit of Association of Pakistani Physicians & Surgeons, the UK
  3. Ambassador of Patientory Blockchain Association, USA
  4. CEO & Director: Citrus Health Private Ltd


In Pakistan, Medical City Online operates in conjunction with Citrus Health Private Ltd which has it's operational base in Lahore, being managed by it's Managing Director, Dr Khurram Shahzad.  The Telemedicine Technology and Consultancy support is provided by Medical City Online UK.


More information about Medical City Online is available at www.MedicalCity.Online.


Medical City Online UK - The Leadership

Chairman & Founder:  Dr Suhail Chughtai - London, UK

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Microsoft Certifed Specialist & Telehealth Consultant


Chief Executive Officer:  Mr Bud Zborowski - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Healthcare Business Executive, Former VP Polycom Healthcare Vertical, USA


Chief Medical Officer:  Prof Dr Bilal Ahmad - New York, USA

Teleheatlh Strategist and Planner, Prof of Medicine, Rochester School of Medicine,


Chief Business Development Officer: Mr Charles Lowe, London, UK

Telehealth Business Consultant, Former President Telemedicine Royal Society of Medicine, UK


Chief Medical Advisor:  Prof Dr Angus Wallace - Nottingham, UK

Clinical Informatics Specialist, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Former Head of Healthcare Informatics of Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh


Chief Strategy Officer:  Mr Hasan Suhail - London, UK

Corporate Strategic Initiatives & Planning, Professional Strategy Development, Resource & Investment Management, Development & Strategic initiatives in Training, Education and Employment


Business and Customer Management Incharge in Pakistan



Web Development and Software Desiging Team

Experienced Software Engineers & Web Quality Analysts of Medical City Online UK


Digital Health Academics and Training Team

Telemedicine Instructors, Research workers and Educationists, experienced in delivering the knowledge over Medical City Online's Virtual Classrooms (Live Training over Internet)